Using a wall pocket.

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If you care about smell, I think that you have it.
That is “Perfume”
Do you have perfume?
I also care about smell.
I have some perfume.

A lot of people have perfume in the world.

I like the perfume,”BULGARI AQVA”

I like perfume for women because the smell of perfume of men is strong for me.

I usually keep perfume like this.

I just put them in the shelf.
So, I was thinking about how to put my perfume beautifully.
The size and shape of each Perfume is different.
Just putting perfume in the shelf is not beautiful.

So, I bought this.

「Wall pockets」

I bought one more thing.

「S shaped hook」

I hang a wall pocket by S shaped hook in the shelf.

Then, I put perfume in each pocket like this.

Pockets are clear. So, I can see each perfume.
I can choose which perfume to use like choosing clothes.
If you like this, try this.

Thank you for reading.

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