Japanese shopping service, “ICHI POINT” feel Japanese traditional crafts

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Today I introduce shopping store which you can find Japanese traditional crafts.


Do you have any items that are created by Japanese traditional crafts?



【What kinds of items you can find?】

・Accessories such as earrings, Necklaces
・Small items such as bags, stalls, smartphone cases
・Kitchen goods such as tablewares, drinking vessels
・Interior items such as fans, wind bells

All are made in Japan.
You can find a lot of things on the website.

【You can order from outside of Japan】

You can go to the website and scroll the website and see the bottom.
You can find the language select button “EN” next to the LOGO of the store.

You can use Paypal (ONLY Paypal)

【Items I am interested in】

I am really interested in
“KunimotoRaden iPhone6/6s Case – snow, moon and flower”
“NEKADOTie – Waters”
“NousakuChopstick rest – Musubi”

【The reason why I like this shop】

Items that are created by Japanese traditional crafts are very beautiful.
I like colors and taste of items.
If you have one of them, you can feel Japanese culture and traditions.
Please visit「ICHI POINT」

Thank you for reading.

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