My ties and belts look beautiful right now.

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Do you wear a suit at your workplace?
If you have to wear a suit, you probably wear a tie.
You probably have some ties for everyday.

How do you put your ties in your shelf?

I usually put my ties in my shelf like this.
This is not beautiful…

So, I bought this

2 of Velet hanger from DAISO JAPAN.

I used the hanger for my ties like this.

This looks beautiful and compact.
I like this.

I put it in my shelf like this.

This does not use big space. It is so compact.
I have one more left hanger.

So, I also put my belts.

My ties and belts now looks beautiful and compact.
I am improving the environment of my room.
I recently use items of DAISO JAPAN.
DAISO has a lot of useful items.
So, if you can visit DAISO, I recommend walking around inside of the store and find items that you can use for your house.

Thank you for the reading.

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