“Leverage Reading” effective way of reading business books

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Do you have own method of reading?

Today I talk about the book I read. That is “Leverage Reading”

This book talks about “how to read business books”
The thing I was impressed by the book is,

“when you read books, you should determine the purpose to read”

For example,
When you read one business book, you should think about “What information you want to get from that book”

This book also says, “read a lot of books in each category, pick up information you want, and do it in own way.”

This book says that you do not have to read all details in books. You determine what information you want. Pick up contents you need. Practice and learn. 

When I read books, every time I try to read every detail. After finish reading, I was not able to remember details of books I read.
So, I always ask me “what did I get from this book?”

After reading “Leverage reading,” I decided to determine what kind of information I need from books each time.

I also decided to try things what I learned from books.

Do you have own method of reading?

If you read books and you can not find out what you learn from books, you can try to decide your purpose of reading, pick up information you read and try some contents of books in own way.

Thank you for reading.

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