Is it really pride? It might be that I just want to protect myself.

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I do not want to be looked down.
I do not want to be rated low.
I do want others to see me as a great person.

Don’t you have a experience of thinking such things?
I do.

When somebody point out our mistakes
When somebody blame about something about us
People tend to protect themselves.

I think that
I also tend to protect myself from others.
Protecting oneself is human’s natural habits.

However, protecting oneself sometimes take a chance of growth away.
When we protect ourselves, we can not take others’ opinions as advises.
When we protect ourselves, we blame others even if others’ opinion is appropriate.

So, I think that I have to train myself to stop protecting and think
“why others are saying that.”
“What is happening right now”
“What is the real problem.”

I think that I have to admit that sometimes I need to improve and train myself.
I should not do just blaming somebody to protect myself.

Thank you for reading.


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