Fukuokashi Museum Exhibition about Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II

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Today, I went to Fukuokashi Museum to see

Exhibition about Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II

This exhibition is held from 2017/11/03 to 12/24

appearance of Fukuokashi Museum

view from the entrance of museum

Inside↓(There are two portraits of Rudolf II)

The entrance of the exhibition

bought a ticket↓

There are pictures, artifacts and books of studies.

When I see pictures, I was impressed by painters skills and painters’ ability to think.
Painters do not draw just what they see in front of them.
They describe their thoughts and they describe how they see the worlds.

I can not imagine how I can draw such paintings.
I am lucky and happy because I can meet such strong and beautiful world of paintings.

【One of the part of Exhibition】

There is a section which I can take pictures.
So, I introduce pictures I took in that section.

There are some art which describe humans by fruits and vegetables.

This is made of humans!?

This is my face that is created by fruits and vegetables.
When you stand in front of this screen, your face will be created by fruits and vegetables.

I think that this does not look like me.

After the exhibition, I had a steak at western.

I also went to cafe and had cocoa.

Today was happy and wonderful day as usual.
Thank you for reading.

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