DIY wooden dish stand turns into light and speaker.

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Today, I created original light and speaker.
Recently, I often go to 100yen store, DAISO JAPAN.
I usually use products as they are created for.
This time, I combined some products and created original light and speaker.

【What I prepared】

「Wooden dish stand」✖︎2

「Color paper」(4 papers included)

「LED candle」


【How to create】

At first, create two wooden dish stand.

Glue two of them together

Cut color paper into 4 pieces.

Put 4 pieces of color paper on the wooden stand created
Prepare LED candle

Turn on the switch

In the dark

Put wooden dish stand cover

light up like this

Prepare the speaker

Put wooden dish stand cover

turn on the speaker

Wooden dish stand is turned into speaker

【Through creating light and speaker】

I should have bought other LED light because brightness is not enough.
This works well as speaker.
Thank you for reading.

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