Cooking carbonara by myself.

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Today, I am off today.
So, I decided to cook by myself.


I wanted to eat carbonara. So, I cooked carbonara today.

These are ingredients

I bought Fettuccine.
I like Fettuccine because this is well blended with sauce.
Cheese is Mozzarella cheese.

First, I cut onions

Cut bacons

fry garlic and onions

put bacons in

put fresh cream

beat an egg

put that egg

cut mozzarella cheese

put cheese in

pour milk

boil pasta

mix with pasta and sauce


seasoning is salt, pepper and chicken stock powder.

I ate carbonara with sparkling grape juice. I put a glass on the coaster that I created.

I also ate chicken nanban.

Chicken nanban with tartar sauce

【Cooking by yourself】

When I cook, I have to use my head.
For example, how do I cook? which ingredients I use? how much volume do I cook? When do I start boiling pasta?
I think a lot of things in my brain. So, I think that cooking by myself train my brain.
Cooking by myself also refresh my feeling.

I got a gift of Urth Caffe. That was organic coffee.

So, I had a break with Cheese tart and organic coffee.

Thank you for reading.

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