Chistmas is coming, I use a box for truffles in different ways

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Christmas is coming next month.
I think that a lot of people are preparing for Christmas.
Convenient stores and cake shops have started advertising Christmas cakes.

Some people might prepare cakes and sweets by yourself. (cooking by yourself)
They might buy some wrapping items.

Today I bought this wrapping item.

This is a box for putting Truffles.
I can imagine that colorful truffles are in.

Inside the box

I put my cuffs in the box.

I put them inside.

I think that I do not need papers in the box. So, I took them away like this.

I put cuffs in the box again.

There are various ways to use existing items even if the items are created for using in different ways.
If you need a box to put small items  such as cuffs, you can buy this kind of box.

Thank you for reading.

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