Changing an environment of the car.

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Do you have a car and do you drive often?
How do you design the inside of the car?

I  always use a car to go to the place to work.
I often drive to shopping mall and stores for shopping.
So, environment of the car is important for me.
If I feel uncomfortable while driving, driving will be very stressful and affect my health.

So, I bought some car items to make environment of the car comfortable.

Today, I bought a basket at DAISO JAPAN.

I bought this before and I used this for my room.
Today I put this in the car like this.

When my friend get into the car and have some bags, he/she can put his/her bags in the basket. Putting bags on his/her feet, bags might get dirt.

I also bought this neck cushion.

I put this on my seat like this.

When I am waiting in the car, I can relax.
I can sleep comfortably.

So, changing environment of the car reduce stress and keeps my health.

If you feel uncomfortable about your car environment, you can try to buy some car items that helps you.

Thank you for reading.

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